Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moviesmobile.net, Anything is possible!!

There are some websites we just ignore, and there are some websites that provide us the information we need, and there are very few websites that change our life. Yes, moviesmobile.net is one like that!!!

I stilll remember those days, it was in 2008, I had a 50 days vacation and I was desperate to watch new movies. I was in Kerala then, and new hindi movies seldom released there. I had a slow net connection of 256 kbps, and downloading a 700MB movie was just a hectic task for me...
However, i used to download them from direct, resumable links, with an average download speed of 10KB/s. It took 2 weeks to download Jodhaa Akbar, can you believe it??!!!
I was in desperate search of direct links to download movies, i had joined many online forums and orkut communities which provided direct links for movies.

One fine morning, I found two links for the Pre-DVDRip of the newly released movie from some orkut community. The movie was 'Jannat', starring Emraan Hashmi.
I opened the links and found them to be just 143 MB, together. It was hard to believe, however i thought of giving a try. I downloaded some 3-4% of the first file, and i tried playing it. It was watchable, eventhough there were few visible pixels here and there. But considering the user-friendly filesize, i didn't mind... I downloaded the whole movie and watched it..
Then i thought, there will be more movies in the site, and i deleted the 'Jannat-pDVD-...' part from the link, and entered the site. Little i knew that time, that 'this simple site will be my favorite in the coming years!'.

I found many more movies in the site, all in the range of 150-200MB. The list included some of the movies i was longing to watch, but could not download because of no direct links available..
I downloaded Bhoothnath, TaRaRumPum, Shootout At Lokhandwala, No Smoking, and many many more movies... The site helped me download and watch all latest hindi movies, and i became a frequent downloader!!

A screenshot of the site:


My love towards the site kept on growing all the time, and i had even designed logos for the site. I had sent them to Ahmad, but he didn't notice them... :(

I got a better internet connection at home later, and i was afford to download 700MB rips then, but i still preferred my favorite site only. I download from moviesmobile, watch the movie, and if i like the movie, i download the 700MB file.

The movie files in the server are apt for mobile phones. The quality will be very good when we watch them in mobile phones. Even for people who cannot play Avi files in phone, they can convert the movies to 3gp format and watch them in phone. This site is really helpful for people with slow internet connection, and for people who watch movies in their mobile phones on PDAs.

The website is being run be Ahmad, who uploads most of the movies. The supporting people include 'Deadman', 'Sunny', 'Imtiaz', etc..
In Aug 2009, the Orkut community for the site was started, and within 2 days, it crossed 1000 members. This it self shows the popularity of the site...

Now I'm working in Bangalore, I dont hav a Laptop, so i download movies from moviesmobile.net, convert them to 3gp, and watch them easily in my LG Cookie..
So, this site literally made my life easier, thanks a lot Ahmad, you rock!!!!!

“Life made simpler, with moviesmobile.net!!!!”


  1. you can check alternatives as well.
    there are many better than this site but due to not being visible on search engines, most people don't notice them.
    check this one out.

  2. plz upload the breed and wolf creek in hidhi